Thursday, June 30, 2011

A thank you note.

To Adam (read about him here and here),

Thank you for letting me see that God really does answer prayers.
Thank you for understanding the struggles i had.
Thank you for trying to change to fit into a mould you thought i wanted
Thank you for fighting time and again to stay with me
Thank you for putting up with the horrible things i did and still seeing that it wasn't really me.
Thank you for thanking me for being with you
Thank you for helping me pass this test (i think)
Thank you for setting me free from the chains i bound myself in.
Most importantly thank you for listening to the voice of God and doing what you did even though you didn't have to.


Omotee! said...


Wise Sage said...

Lol. Welcome back girl. I was beginning to think you had moved outta blogville to another zip code.Where you been?
P.S: always leave a forwarding address chic! Mmuah

Dith said...

aww how nice!