Monday, July 21, 2014

Letters to my Ex

Can we talk?
I really hope that we can. Why? 'Cos I miss you

I had a really great friend and I miss him. A lot
Let me say right now that this isn't an appeal or hope for another go at it, another swing at the ball but really (I think we both established the ignominy of that journey for both of us) for all it's worth I grew used to and very fond of you.
I mean when it first happened, I almost hated you (or so i thought) but I forgave you all to quickly, I kept wondering how and why but I guess this really proves the theory that when you really love someone you can't stay mad at them (it has happened to me now more than once, once with my Dad and now with you). Let's just say I'm learning to not bother getting mad at those I love or maybe I'm learning to measure the degree of Love by the length of time I can stay mad at those (insane I know)
Anyways enough with the mad gist; the reason I wanted to talk to you now, the reason I called when I did, the reason I replied your text is to say I MISS YOU.
I miss my sarky friend with his wry –British - sense of humour and quick wit. I miss his cute smile and his very interesting albeit lopsided view on life and things. I miss your fresh outlook on most things I would otherwise take for granted. I miss your wit (have I mentioned that) and wisdom.
I miss being able to text you, trying to distract you when you’re off at school. I miss cutting into your “marking and scoring” times when you have all those papers to grade. I miss calling you up in the morning just so I can hear your grumpy voice (you wishing by this time that I’d drop off the side of a cliff in your head as punishment for waking you up. lol)
I miss talking to you about any and every thing, even things I am too shy to ordinarily talk about. I miss you talking to me and running your plans by me and pretending to take my opinions into account (yeah, I knew that). I miss your voice, your laugh.
Quite simply, or not quite so, I miss you.
So I guess what I’m saying is can we be friends, No strings attached? Is it even possible?

I just want to be able to talk to you again.