Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dating 101 - How to cry

They say women who date married men shouldn't wear mascara.
 Why? You may ask.
 Because of all the time you'll spend crying and messed up. I reiterate and add, women who date players shouldn't wear mascara, women who date bachelors needn't bother either.
 Heck, women who date shouldn't wear mascara.......Come to think of it, women who are married to the married men shouldn't wear mascara too (or maybe keep wipes handy).

In the quest for love, your heart is bound to get a few nicks here and there. If you don't, you are extremely blessed. If you do, the pain is worth the prize...eventually....I think.

Mena, I AM SORRY, I listen to advice (you can see i hear word ba?)... really. ;;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Facts of Life - Women

Women by nature are multipliers. What you lay on them or give them, they multiply it back to you.
You give them your seed, they give you a child.
You give them attention, they give you devotion.
You give them pain, they give you torture.
You give them trouble, they give you hell.
Yep! That's us.