Monday, February 1, 2010

The great escape

Once again i take a trip. A trip to my favourite place. My place of escape. To the place of my fantasy. A trip into the far recesses of my mind. A short but worthwhile trip cos ever so often I go on my great escape but it can only be a pit-stop because i cannot set up shop right here, If not.... (There’s a medical term for that condition and I really do not fancy labels)
Anyways so I get into my cabin in the woods by the lake. No, I don’t need to go in or unpack…I set myself up in my favourite spot; the well-cushioned swing bench on the porch. As I look out over the lake and surrounding trees swaying lazily in the cool summer breeze, I just lean back into the unending softness of the mounds of pillows. As I close my eyes I let the jazz music from the ancient boom box in the kitchen waft all over and around me, and the swing moves really slowly, back and forth, to the rhythm of the wind.
Oooh I could stay here like this forever, it seems like time has stood still for me. There is peace and serenity and all’s well with the world, the world’s alright with me…..Hmmm-mmmh, this is where I wanna be……..