Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letters to my estranged Lover....

I could tell of how high the tides are, but I'd rather speak of your peace in the midst of the storm. I could tell of the deep damp darkness, but I'd rather speak of your arms keeping me safe and warm even in the depths of the dungeons. Time and again I've hurt and disappointed you, time and again you've drawn me closer and loved me even more. Even when i turn my back on you, your faithfulness is unwavering. Your love, is extravagant. My heart is overwhelmed by your loving-kindness. Your compassion leaves me breathless. What manner of love is this? It can only be divine for it is far reaching. Far above and beyond human comprehension.
My love, my life, my stronghold, my refuge, my lifeline, my anchor, my peace, my joy, my Lord. My God.


muyiwa said...

just checking u out,cheers

Wise Sage said... you came, you saw and you checked...whaddya think?