Monday, February 15, 2010

Love and airports:)

Don’t you just love airports?

The anxious families; either waiting to start off their family vacation already or keen to get home, unpack, rest and be over with it all.

The excited kids; just delighted to see lots of people and lots of play-space, they are always so cute in their colourful outfits, jingly shoes and gleeful laughter.

The eager lovers; who spent heaven-knows how much time and money, preparing, planning and anticipating this perfect get-away. Can’t wait to be alone together or maybe after being alone together for a time, beats them that the fantasy is over and reality must once again be lived.

The impatient ladies; who still cannot fathom why things just can’t work better at airports. Why the cashier at the counter is so rude, why checking in is a long and arduous process (“…is all of this really necessary, do I look like an Osama-inspired Mutallab? Besides I’m female, D’uh!”)

The frustrated business men; who always seem to be overwhelmed by deadlines, timelines and money lines (whatever that is), they still can’t figure out how the airlines do not seem to care that there are only 24 hours in a day, the bother of a 1 hour flight is just too much of…well, a bother. The more time is wasted, the more money is lost. When are they even gonna invent teleporting for humans sef?!

The happy friends; who are just glad to have caught up with each other again after eons of lost time. “Fancy meeting you here”, “what have you been up to since all this time ehn?”, “So are you married? Kids”

And finally, me, the curious on-looker. Just watching and enjoying imagining the stories behind all the people that rush by, it’s like someone out there pushed the fast forward button.

Hmmm…I do love airports. The sights. The sounds, and the over-priced shops.

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