Saturday, February 20, 2010

Remix of the conversation between Lil' Red riding hood and BBW (beautiful black woman)

Red: My! What wide nose you have.
Sistah: All the better to take up air with.
Red: But Sistah, what dark skin you have.
Sistah: All the better to fight off the harsh African sun.
Red: What kinky hair you've got?
Sistah: All the better to conserve water in the tropical heat
Red:But Sistah, Why are you so prone to birthing twins?
Sistah: All to better the odds of high rate of mortality and low life expectancy.
Red: Why do you always seem so angry and violent?
Sistah: All the better to ward off any prospective slave traders and ambitious superiorist(is that even a word?) groups
Red: Why are you so beautiful?
Sistah: All the better to attract the other half of our specie (we gotta keep up our depleting race, ya know?!).

LOL. Musings of a mischievous mind.


Tai -Osagbemi Boma said...

hmm you just put the hood in the old story !! hope you're thinking of a musical too?? lol . nice 1

Jaycee said...

lol. All the better...

Wise Sage said...

Tai- maybe i will, only if you promise to be the director ;)
Jaycee- much love. lol