Monday, August 30, 2010



When I see you

My heart longs for you. My body earnestly desires you.

When I see you

An hour spent with you is but a minute. The more I am with you, the more I want of you.

When I see you

You are my living pain, my every addiction.

When I see you

Nothing else matters, nothing else makes any sense.

When I see you

I begin to compose sonnets and love songs.

Ballads and Poetry flow freely even though I have no Bardic bone in my 55kg.

When I see you

The world is better again and I'm alive once more

When I see you

What have you done to me? What is the remedy? What is the cure?

This girl is soaring across the skies and singing like a lark.

What my eyes have seen, my heart has felt and the world will testify.


I ain't no poet oh. Just a lame attempt at pouring my thoughts into wordsJ


Omotee! said...

Its a great attempt, really lovely!

Wise Sage said...

Thanks Hunny :D

Anonymous said...

This is a good poem! It flows and it is romantic.

Tisha said...

i like
you must be female
we weigh the same thing
last i checked anyways...

Wise Sage said...

Thanks lots....y'all keep encouraging me, are you sure that's a good idea?