Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life as we know it

Sometimes don’t you wish that life was like a book or a movie?
When it gets to the horrible bits, you have the option of pausing, fast-forwarding, ejecting, walking outta the theater or simply closing the book, maybe until you are ready to face the horror.
Alas! Life is not like a feature film or a novel, although the scripts are somewhat familiar. You just gotta brace up and live through whatever horror it is you are visited with. More so, you gotta survive it. No, you can’t go right on to the end to find out how it will turn out, instead you go on anticipating the better bits. You keep hoping that your faith is enough to get you through the dark parts. You go on believing that you’ll survive these crummy moments. You are trusting in a power greater than your frail self. Knowing that somehow, someway, at the end of it all, there you’ll be, standing strong.


Mamuje said...

Profound. Something for me to ponder on. Nice one.

2cute4u said...

And that's the agony of life.. Not being able to know what lies ahead..

Wise Sage said...

Thanks a lot. Y'all keep me inspired to write :)
@2cute- agony that is a high as well, the suspense keeps the whole ride thrilling, no?