Saturday, August 14, 2010

Legend of the seeker

A lot is said of how hate, malice and grudges are a dead weight to live with and carry around but not enough is said about The Guilty Conscience. Another dead weight that eats at you slowly yet constantly until there's nothing left of your soul. Secrets are the feeders for the guilty conscience but on the other hand who do confessions benefit?
The confessor? Who feels horrible for being the exposer of the secrets that could scar the other person (confessee) probably for the rest of their life. How would he/she ever sleep again? Could they ever be at peace with themselves again knowing the pain they've revealed? Would the confessor not be filled with constant regret over this? Then again getting it off your chest could be a big relief, not wondering what would happen if/when the truth gets out.
Or the Confessee? Who hears a truth they were hitherto unaware of- ergo living in the bliss of ignorance- and consequently their life, heart and soul is forever scarred by the hurt, pain and/or betrayal of the revealed. Is it not true that what you don't know doesn't hurt you? On the contrary, though, all the doubts are removed by revelation and you are able to deal and move on.
So my question is this: are confessions overrated?

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