Monday, August 23, 2010

The Game

Can someone please tell me the rules of 'the game' and how it works. I now know for sure I'm not one to be termed 'playa'.
So i was on my way to work today, in fact very close to my office when this guy who nearly cleared me off the road with his car went up a few metres ahead and stopped his car. Since he made no attempts to get down out of the car i figured he was either seeking to apologize or ask for directions. It turned out i wasn't absolutely wrong. He was seeking something number. Anyways, as i was walking past him, almost waiting for him to call out an apology but instead he call out- "Excuse me, Hi. I'm....(for this purpose we'll call him trey cos he reminds me of trey songz a lil bit)...Trey (like i care).
And I'm like-"OK"
"I'm sorry to bother you ...." 
at that point i interrupted, "Yeah, you kinda are cos I'm already pretty late for work"
So he says "In that case is it OK if i get your number so we can talk sometime?"
Then i laughed in a funny quirky way and said "My number? Why? Why do  you want my number? Why would i give it to you?"
From this point i can't recall the exact conversation but i i know it went back and forth like that until we got to where i said " You know what, I can't give you my number but if you give me your card or number i might give you a call.
Then he goes " No, please that's not good enough, I really want your number...."
Anyways, eventually i gave him my word, he gave  me his card and i just kept right on walking. Good thing is that at that time i got an incoming call from my sister, Hurrah for the distraction excuse. Just when i thought it was over, he pulls up again, beside me this time and offers to 'push me'. The irony of the free ride when I've already paid, I'm late but less than a 100 metres from the entrance to my office. Yeah Right!
So there ends the gist of Trey and I. Now my dilemma: 
Honestly even though i gave him my word, I really don't wanna call him. How am i sure that calling him is not giving him the go-ahead to start 'toasting'? Best believe that I'm sooooo not in the mood for all of that right now.
How do i know that if i call him, he will understand that if anything, all i want is to try and be friends? If he should utter a single suggestive word, I'm gonna regret calling him (name change at that point form trey to punk-a**).
What do i do?
Do i throw away the card and my word or do i risk exposing myself to someone who might as well be a psychopath as much as he could be a real good friend. But really, was it friendship he was honestly looking for when he pulled over? I don't have the time or energy for any sorta man-drama. heck, I've not even called and I'm getting a 3-part mini-serial already. Sheesh!


Mr. Tee said...

Ma dear, it's all up to you...but u can never tell what lies ahead.Even if u r in no 'mood' could contact him via email, yahoo messenger, Skype etc. When u feel it's safe 2 give him ur number, then u can...Enjoy ur weekend!

Wise Sage said...

Thank you Mr Tee, great call there. See why i love Blogfam, Y'all got my back.