Sunday, October 12, 2008

Letting go (1)

Now how does one know when to let go; of people, of stuff, and even of clothes and undies? How do you know when a relationship has run it's course and should be shaved off? When is the right time to do the right things? How long does one have to be patient for? How much should one be willing to take? How long do you hold on for even when it doesn't seem worth it? How do you even know if it's worth it or not? How far do you allow people stretch you even when you're or you're not sure of their love for you? How do you know they even send you in the first place? Especially when you are in a relationship, how do you know how much is enough? When is the right time to turn your back and keep walking? How do you do it right, irrespective of how difficult it is? Forget bout ideals, I'm talking bout real life. Real all up in your face issues with those you seem to be closest to or at least should be.


Anonymous said...

When your no longer happy........thats when it time to go!!

How are you?


I second the above comment. I personally believe that one knows when to let go.

Wise Sage said...

I'm good dear, but how are you sure that you're not being tooo self-involved?