Sunday, October 19, 2008

Counting My Blessings...2

As i go on counting my Blessing i think the second most important aspect is my Family, so Next in the countdown or whatchamacallit... My Dad.

So here i am grateful to God that i even have one at all. I coulda been one of them kids who never met their father, i coulda been one of them kids whose fathers denied them but no i'm not. I coulda been one of those kids with an irresponsible father who refuses to even pay any sorta attention to the kids he brought forth, but i'm not. I coulda been one of the kids with a fetish father, who took them through all sorts and gave them over to loads of ungodly covenants, but no. I coulda been born to one of them fathers who sleeps with their daughters, but no. I coulda been born to a father who's always in the news and not for good reports, but i wasn't. I coulda been born to a father who doesn't place any sorta emphasis on good education or even any education at all. I coulda been born to one of them fathers who marries his daughter out to old strangers as some sorta payment to a debt. I coulda been born to one of those fathers who betrothed his daughter out immediately she's born. My Dad coulda given me out as a slave to one of them buyers. He coulda put me up for sale to the highest bidder. He coulda held back all the good he gave. He coulda killed for no reason. He coulda made my Mum abort me for some reason. He coulda given me to some useless, random uncle to take care of me.

Now i don't mean to be insensitive, or plain mean and cruel especially since i know that there are fathers like these out there who are special in their own way. I don't mean also to say that my father is flawless and the perfect dad, Au la contraire, he's far from the dream of ideal dad,very. I know he isn't perfect but he sure isn't the worst of the lot. He not everyone's fantasy but he does his best. He may not give anything but i took some ideals and values and morals from him. It may or may not end well but he led me off to a good start. No matter how bad it got,i'm still here, we're still here. He gave me a wonderful wonderful sister and a lovely mother. He is a good provider and a better fall-back. Now i may not sense, see, or even feel it but i know in his own 'unique' way, he loves me, us. He may not have always been sweet and sensitive but he made me the strong lady i am today. He may not always have been an ideal but he led me to look for and find the Ideal, God. He may not always have given me all the luxuries i 'wanted' but he set standards for me. He may not be the perfect role model but he made me able to seek for what i believe a real man should be. He may have been strict bordering on mean but he curbed a lot of my excesses that woulda been my undoing. He may have been too principled but he protected me from some S & S. For the accommodation, food, shelter, money, education, clothes but most of all for choosing to be a vessel through which i was born and for allowing God to use you as my Caretaker i am eternally grateful.

And for these and more i am thankful for the man i call Daddy.

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