Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Important is attraction?

It keeps happening to me that i meet seemingly perfect people, we end up being pretty good friends but when it's time to take it to the next level, nothing. I really have to ask, "is it only me?".

These guys seem like all that i should want with great potential, but chemistry? Zero. Now my question is this; How important is Chemistry in any relationship? Is sexual attraction over-rated? Am i being shallow and narrow-minded if i want a man that will touch me and make me shiver, or whose thoughts gimme goose-pimples or when i think of him a mischievous smile creeps across my face? How important really is all this?

I place a Lotta emphasis on physical and sexual attraction, i always have, might always will....remember this song by Betty Everett- It's in In his kiss, well I'm a strong believer in that. Now I'm not saying go on and kiss every guy you meet but somethings have to spark when you're together, you know?!
The issue is it keeps happening time and again, now the ironic thing is the one that is a dream come true is too good to be true. Again I ask, Is it only me?


aloted said...

hi...first time here..came from seye's blog..

i dont think u are wrong to place a lot of emphasis on physical and sexual attraction as long as that is not the only thing u are placing emphasis on...

Intimacy spiritually, emotionally and intellectually i think should come hand in hand..cuz sexual attraction can disappear and u need something higher than that to hold it all together...

may the Lord direct u in this journey :)

Anonymous said...

Hey sweets....attraction means alot to men more so than women....I myself dont fall for the really cute guys because there is always trouble waiting on the other end. I dont like guys that are vain. I do like tall dark mum...gotta love them. He dont have to be so attractive physically but has to be mentally. How are you sweets?

Wise Sage said...

Thank dear Kin'shar,I'm good, you?
Tall, dark and handsome....hmmmmmm!( but i can't have them too dark seeing as i ain't a pale gal myself,lol)
I Understand you too aloted but's more bout chemistry than anything, some sparks have gotta fly now?!