Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What inspires me....

I hate to sound cliche but truly God inspires me.
I am inspired to write when i pray to God and tell Him all that's in my heart.
I am inspired to write poems when i sing Him my love songs in praise.
I am inspired to know what love is when i feel the thousand and one ways in which He loves me and expresses it.
I am inspired as an artist when i see my reflection in His eyes, the way He sees me.
I am inspired to love art when i truly feel the wonder and see it all in His beautiful creation
I am inspired to speak when i hear all He has to say, read on how He feels and what He's promised.
I am inspired to be because I know who i am in Him and who He is within me.


2cute4u said...

This is one sweet post that just moves me in ways I can't explain..

Wise Sage said...

Thanks Cutie:)