Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life lessons - Habits

I have learned  over-time that with habits:

  • They do not die a natural death
  • They could however be replaced
Either good or bad, with habits, the principle of elimination by substitution comes to fore very strongly;You can only substitute one habit for another.
 It is pure delusion to think you can just get rid of an habit how and when you like. If it takes two mins to develop a habit, it's going to take two years to get rid of it and only by replacing it with another. If there is another way, please drop me a line because I'd really like to know.


48 said...

I read somewhere that it takes 30days to form a new habit. The reverse may be applicable; a conscious effort not to do said habit for 30days may very well eliminate it.

Wise Sage said...

Well, i dunno bout that oh. Been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt but still stuck on it. Keep trying though, We'll keep our heads up.

2cute4u said...

True that..
Most times, infact all time, you have to exachange one habit with another and the thing is it had better be a good habit..

ABIGAIL NY said...

Bad habits have to be worked at!

Omotee! said...

I know habits are very difficult to dump and now that you mention it, you actually substitute the habit for a new one, hopefully a good one.