Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stuff only dreams are made of

The car comes to a halt in front of my office just as i step out of the double glass doors. I can't see anyone through the tinted windows and i can't help but wonder who it could be. Not until you step out, then all my wondering is brought to an abrupt halt, there's a big smile on my face and you can tell that I'm glad to see you. You walk up to me with a smile on your face and that look in your eyes, the look that churns my insides. i recognize the Calvin Klein scent that always precedes you. Your finely tailored Armani suit rests perfectly on you, beneath it your immaculately white well-pressed shirt. All these are lost on me as you get to me and hold my hands to your chest, look deep into my eyes and ask me to do you the honour of taking your last name and spending the rest of my life with you. I stare at you shell-shocked until....


Anonymous said...

Calvin Klein!!! sistah!!! hahaha!!

Does it end there? Nooooooo!

2cute4u said...

See Scenario..
Fantasy or reality?
One thing is sure..
You sure do like being in love.

Wise Sage said...

Well...I know we all wish this was reality but it really only happened in my dreams.Lol But don't you wish it were true? I know I do.Lol

Wise Sage said...

....worst part is i woke up before I said yes. Imagine! :(