Monday, May 10, 2010

My manic Mondays

Growing up, I used to love Mondays so so much. People may wonder how or why. I'll tell you.
Well, it was like this. I had a very strict Dad who was also a workaholic (throughout all his years working in a government establishment, he never took a day off, not even for a sick leave) which was really good for us kids. When the cat is away, the mice kids will play (read: lounge, relax and flex). That was how Mondays came to be my favourite day of the week and Saturdays my worst (aside that my Dad would be home on Saturdays, they were usually house cleaning days).
In the days i left the house for campus, Mondays were not necessarily my favourite days but they definitely were not my worst. Sometimes i actually used to look forward to Mondays, because it was a time to actually show off my new baffs or see some classmates and talk about the parties that happened over the weekend or preparing for the shows coming up that week. Depending on the greatness/newness of my outfit, I was pretty cool with Mondays. All in all i guess i loved all days equally.
When my Dad retired, i became indifferent about all days, they were all the same to me cos the Big cat used to go out or travel only when he needed to and that could be any day of any given week.
Now when i started to work, i didn't love Mondays as much anymore but i know i didn't hate it. In the first days of the job, i loved my job so much. I was working in an organisation i said i wanted to work in, although in an entirely different capacity than i anticipated but whattheheck! I used to love my job so much I'd go to work on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays after church too. So Mondays were okay by me. In fact when i heard people complain about Mondays i used to feel sorry for them, until recently
Two Sundays ago, i couldn't believe how much i was dreading the day to end and hoping for Monday to not come. You see, it has never been like this for me and it got me thinking....Am i getting bored with work? Do i hate my job? Am i getting frustrated? is it just my job or Lagos in general? Either ways, i don't like the feeling and i sure as anything do not want it. So again  i pray:
Dear God,
Please don't let me turn into one of those people who write poems, songs or books and even build entire worlds of philosophy on how much they hate Mondays. I might not love it as much as Saturdays now, please put the spark back in my Mondays. Rekindle our love life, me and Mondays. In any case Lord, let me be at least okay with it. Thank You in advance.


Anonymous said...

Oh, i've been having problems with monday, too. It took loads of cofee for me to get going! hehehe :)

Harry-Rami Itie said...

LOL... I was saying the same thing to a friend on Saturday night... I guess I need to pray that prayer too

Tolu Akanni said...

Looool....early retirement!!! I'm guessing ure a last born like me..