Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bleeding Heart

My heart bleeds red hot tears for Northern Nigeria;
For all the lives lost in this mindless battle
For the floods of tears from the eyes of the bereaved mothers.
For the pain that fills the hearts of the widows
For the unsung hurt the men are ashamed to feel
For the shaking and the shivering, the tremors felt all over, not because of the cold weather but because of the inexplicable pain that the mind cannot comprehend.
For the anger, the malice and the misunderstood judgement weaved into the fabrics of the hearts of the ones who are supposed to be proponents of peace.
For the fear and insecurity in the eyes of the children who are unsure of what grave sins the past committed to warrant such a bloody present and the reality of an undecided future.
For the despair of the father for the fate of the family he is unable to protect.
My heart bleeds for Northern Nigeria. Red hot tears for my beloved Northern Nigeria. My pride. My Beauty. My Regal Queen. The Majestic crown on the pate of Nigeria.
For Abuja, for Jos, for Maiduguri, for Kaduna, our princesses stumbling off their royal steeds, our joy.
I still believe that someday, like a phoenix, Nigeria shall rise out of the ashes that bemoan Her battered past and like the legendary Spirit(stallion of the cimarron) ride back into promises untold.

I especially love this song because it shows us a part of Africa (Nigeria too) we'd like to believe isn't there. A part of us we wish we could ignore. A part of us we don't like to take responsibility for. If we don't stand our ground and protect our portion, our land, who will? This isn't the time to be calm and suave when our house is caving in over our heads.

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