Sunday, March 21, 2010

Truth is relative

Like I always say, 'Tell yourself a lie often enough and it could become the you at least'. I mean, who's to say blue is blue and green is green? How do we know that lilac isn't really crimson, magenta really mauve and tangerine, beige?
Your law is a law unto yourself until I, by choice or circumstance, choose to be bound by your constitution. If I don't want to be bound by the Nigerian constitution I could move to Egypt.
Much as I agree that without laws and penalties chaos is inevitable, yet I ask 'who makes up the rules?' Why should I be subject to a fallible man's choices and opinion on what/who is right and wrong (and these are mostly whimsical)?'
Does that make me a rebel? Maybe. Does that make me irrational? Absolutely not.

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Jaycee said...

Isn't that why sin is defined as "what you know to do but don't do it"?