Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dating 101 - How to cry

They say women who date married men shouldn't wear mascara.
 Why? You may ask.
 Because of all the time you'll spend crying and messed up. I reiterate and add, women who date players shouldn't wear mascara, women who date bachelors needn't bother either.
 Heck, women who date shouldn't wear mascara.......Come to think of it, women who are married to the married men shouldn't wear mascara too (or maybe keep wipes handy).

In the quest for love, your heart is bound to get a few nicks here and there. If you don't, you are extremely blessed. If you do, the pain is worth the prize...eventually....I think.

Mena, I AM SORRY, I listen to advice (you can see i hear word ba?)... really. ;;)


Mamuje said...

Aha.....I see. Well I wish you dry eyedness in your love life. Amen.

Wise Sage said...

Amen oh!You and me both.:D

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

PS. All women should just jejely stop wearing mascara cos love hurts oh....lol. whether its good or bad. We cry happy tears sometimes and other times we just CRY!!! I say Amen to Mamuje's prayer

jabez said...

Hun, you can try WATERPROOF Mascara!!! :D

Love yah Mimz!

2cute4u said...

If this was a show,
I'd probably be at the edge of my seat..
Nice one..

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Thanks for this my dear.

Hmm,life life life.

Imagine if you may looking at the world from a distance

Everyone looking so tiny, houses and vehicles looking like ants.

Yes you will be safe but where is the 'essence'?

In other words, the essence of life is living it! And living it comes with its ups and downs. There is no point spending extra time focusing on the negatives when there are lots of interests to embrace!

Even in nature, after the thunderstorms and rains, come the sunshine!

The only thing we are guaranteed of is death

In a nutshell,all of life is full of pains and happiness, what we all do is embrace the happy bits of life and learn from our mistakes!

Thanks for sharing, as excellent as always

Lara said...

Na to wear waterproof mascara if you must wear mascara.

kitkat said...

lol guys have tainted a beautiful thing like love. love isnt meant to be as sad as it is now.. even those that havnt xperienced heartbreaks hv to be cautious of their partners actions everytime *sighs* ..we shld all stop loving jor!